Info Services Expo, which runs concurrently with the World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum, goes from strength to strength.  Over the years, it has become the leading Expo to meet the suppliers of content to the press  and the providers of the technology required to distribute it over multiple platforms. At last year’s events more than 1800 senior newspaper executives from 113 countries attended. Having the opportunity to present to these executives over the space of three days should make this the expo of your choice.

In a leisurely and congenial atmosphere, Info Services Expo brings together the top management and editorial executives from the world’s newspapers and the suppliers who are investing their competences and skills to support the industry in producing better products and developing new services. As the testimonials from suppliers demonstrate in great style – this is the place to do real business and gain new customers and, very frequently, to discover and break into new, emerging markets. He and his colleagues will help you to gain the greatest possible benefit out of Info Services Expo at the 62nd World Newspaper Congress and 16th World Editors Forum, where more than 2,000 senior business and editorial executives are expected from at least 110 countries.

The Expo packages this year have been created according to a menu-structure so that you as an exhibitor can choose options which reflect both your promotional strategy and your budget.  For these or extra, tailor-made options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And don’t forget what the global newspaper industry represents!

  •  Revenues: 190 billion dollars globally.


  •  More than 573 million people worldwide buy a newspaper every day.


  •  1.7 billion readers a day.


  •  Global newspaper circulation sales (paid-for titles) up 2.57% in 2007 (up 9.39% over the past 5 years).


  •  More than 11,900 titles worldwide.


  •  World’s second largest advertising medium (27.5%), exceeding the combined advertising budget of radio, outdoor, cinema, magazines and the internet.


  • Combined with magazines, newspapers are the world’s largest advertising medium with a 40 % share.

Companies already registered for Info Services Expo

Some of the largest companies, from various sectors of the news publishing industry, including Reuters, Bloomberg, Goss International, Pressmart and the New York Times have already secured their booth space. For the full list of registered companies, as well as the expo floorplan, please click here.

What our exhibitors have to say :

‘Info Services Expo, year in and year out,
is the best place in the world for us to meet clients and market our various
syndicated products.’
Kerry Slagle, President of Atlantic Syndication, a division of Universal Press Syndicate

‘Exhibiting at WAN is a unique opportunity for us to meet with current and future international partners. WAN attract key publishers and editors from around the globe.’
Philippe Hertzberg, Director, EMEA, The New York Times News Service/Syndicate

‘Exhibiting at WAN’s Info Services Expo gave us access to companies based
in Mexico that we could not reach while in Mexico.’
Humberto Carrillo Luna, Director, DIGIX

“The participation of Sol 90 Publishing in all WAN activities means for us an exceptional opportunity to meet our current customers and partners, strengthen relationships and meet new customers in a sharing of information, concepts and ideas and discover now the future tends in the newspaper industry globally.”
Diego Santos, Commercial Director, Editorial Sol 90

Exhibiting at the World Newspaper Congress is a unique opportunity to meet the industry leaders and decision makers to open new business opportunities. The exchange of information and discussions with the those who shape the industry future is invaluable for us, helping to improve our vision and to add new solutions and services to our portfolio.’
Vadim Duda, CEO, Terem Graphic Systems, Moscow