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In India, Dance and Music are all-pervading, bringing colour to numerous festivals and ceremonies, reaffirming the faith of the people in their heritage. The tradition of the performing arts in India has its roots in age-old texts, the Vedas, in which rituals were carried out through music, dance and drama.

The visual and performing arts trace their origins to the Lord of Dance Lord Nataraja Himself, whose dance "Ananda Tandavam" created the universe. Legend has it that dance itself was created by Brahma the Creator, out of the essence of the 4 Vedas, to help mankind on its path to salvation. The Panchama Veda or the Natya Veda, was revealed to Sage Bharata, who is the author of the Natya Shastra ,an exhaustive work on dramaturgy.

FOOTPRINTS IN TIME/FOOTSTEPS IN SPACE, will over the next five days offer a glimpse of the rich and vibrant culture and dances of India. The dancers- classical, folk and contemporary- seek to interpret their latent impressions as manifest expressions and invite you to join them in their journey.