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India is an astonishing land - mysticism, colour, festivals, religious rites co-exist with a rapidly growing economy and pioneering technology. It has recently emerged as a global player in information technology, business process outsourcing, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals It is also India´s vastness that challenges the imagination, being home to one sixth of the world´s population. It is the largest electoral democracy in the world and has successfully maintained it since Indian Independence, over 60 years ago.


Hindi is the national language but English is commonly used for official purposes and is offered as subject in most schools. As against 2820 languages in the entire world, as many as 325 languages are spoken in India alone.

Being a secular country India has no state religion and people of all major religion co exist peacefully in India. It is a popular saying that there is festival for every month of the year in India.

India also offers a choice of weather. When it is hot and sunny on the plains it can be pleasant and cool on the mountains. It may be actually possible to experience snowfall, rain, and hot desert winds all at the same time of the year depending on where you are traveling in India

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